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Shop our dog and puppy supplies for dog breeders. Start out with the essentials such as puppy ID collars and puppy registration kits. 
  • Puppy ID Collars 8-Pack

    Puppy ID Collars 8-Pack

    With removable number rings, you can keep track of the identity of even very large litters. Color coding adds even more identification options. Plus, the packs come in three sizes so they're useful for all breeds.

    Suitable For

    For use with puppies between five and nine weeks of age.


    Material: Nylon and velcro


    • Toy collars measure 1/4"W and adjust to fit necks from 5" to 8"
    • Regular collars measure 1/2"W and adjust to fit necks from 6" to 12"
    • Large collars measure 1/2"W and adjust to fit necks form 10" to 16"


    • Durable nylon collars have adjustable Velcro® tabs for a secure fit
    • All are available in packs of eight, with removable number band.

    from $ 19.99

    ​Now it’s easier than ever to identify puppies in large litters.
  • Puppy Information Folder (5 Pack)

    Puppy Information Folder (5 Pack)

    Ensure Your Puppies Get Off to a Great Start with AKC Puppy Folders You want the puppies’ families to have the information they need to get the puppies off to a great start! The AKC Puppy Folder allows you to do just that! Based on more than 125 years of passion for purebred dogs, these folders include AKC materials on important topics including: Training through the New Puppy Handbook List of Dangerous Foods/Household Products Tips on Basic Care for your Dog Puppy Owner Checklist In addition, you may customize the AKC Puppy Folder with information you know your puppy buyer should have such as breed specific materials, vaccination records, and the AKC Dog Registration Application. Order your five pack of folders today for $15.00 (including tax and shipping) and get your puppies off to a great start with their new families! To order by phone, please call 919-233-9767 or simply complete the information below.   Shipping is included with this product. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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