• AKC DNA Test

    AKC DNA Test

    The DNA Profile Program is a voluntary program the fancy can use to strengthen their breeding programs. Participants receive an AKC letter of DNA Analysis with the dog's registration information, owner's name, DNA Profile Number, and the dog's actual genotype.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for purebred AKC registerable breeds only.  Does Not determine breed of dog or provide information regarding genetic health, conformation, performance ability, coat color, etc. 


    DNA Test Kit


    • AKC DNA Profiling is for parentage verification and genetic identity purposes only.
    • DNA offers the AKC the possibility of ensuring the accuracy of the registry in a way never before possible.

    from $ 0.00

    ​Identification and parentage testing for dogs
  • CADET® BRAF Cancer Detection - 3 Tests - Annual Home Screening Subscription

    CADET® BRAF Cancer Detection - 3 Tests - Annual Home Screening Subscription

    Over 80,000 dogs will be diagnosed with bladder cancer (TCC/UC) this year. Is your dog at risk? Thanks to a simple urine-based test, you can detect bladder cancer earlier—while there's still time to act.

    Suitable For

    • Suitable for all dogs
    • Highly recommended for dogs 5 ages and older
    • Ask your veterinarian if your breed is susceptible


    Annual Screening Subscription

    • Discounted rate exclusive to the online AKC Shop
    • Most reliable and sensitive test to detect canine bladder cancer
    • Easy-to-use free-catch urine test to do at home
    • Includes 3 tests and free shipping to testing lab (3 pack)


    • Detect bladder cancer (TCC/UC) with the most reliable and sensitive test available on the market. This easy-to-use free-catch urine test allows dog owners to proactively take control of their dog’s health and detect cancer before symptoms develop, allowing for more time for you to work with your veterinarian on a treatment plan.
    • Dog owners can regularly test their dog 3 times a year with the Annual Screening Subscription and Breeders can take advantage of bulk pricing to screen all their kennel with the Breeder Pack.
    • Discounted rate exclusive to the online AKC Shop.

    $ 477.00 $ 299.00

    Easy-to-use home bladder cancer screening test includes 3 tests and free shipping. 

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