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  • Perfect Cooling Pad for Dogs

    Perfect Cooling Pad for Dogs

    This product line is known for its eco-friendly materials, safe for your dog and the environment. The extra cushioning is much more comfortable than typical crate liners, so it can double as a travel bed or for use anywhere your dog likes to sleep.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs. Consult the size chart to choose the right size for your dog.



    X-Small (15" x 20")
    Small (19" x 24")
    Medium (21" x 31")
    Large (23" x 36")
    X-Large (28" x 42")

    Available in 6 colors


    • Great for cars, travel beds, in crates or anywhere else
    • Machine washable
    • Provides support and comfort.
    • Environmentally friendly

    from $ 54.99

    This tufted cooling pad is made with bio-based foam and a cooling gel layer.
  • Heating and Cooling Dog Bed

    Heating and Cooling Dog Bed

    The Outlast Dog Bed manages heat and moisture to make sure your dog is at their most comfortable. The washable liner and rust proof zipper makes maintenance easy and the machine-washable Odor Audios fabric insert keeps the bed smelling fresh.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Material: micro suede cover

    • SMALL: 15" x 22" x 5"
    • MEDIUM: 18" x 26" x 5"
    • LARGE: 23" x 36" x 5"
    • X-LARGE: 26" x 42" x 5"

    Machine-washable cover


    • Micro suede washable cover and liner
    • Brass rust & chew proof zipper
    • Heating & cooling technology developed for NASA
    • Odor audios fabric insert included

    from $ 109.95

    A comfortable bed for your dog
  • Rice Hull Dog Bowls & Tray

    Rice Hull Dog Bowls & Tray

    The combination of bowls and tray make for a neater feeding center and less clean-up for you. The bowls click into place and the whole set is non-skid, so it stays where you put it. We also like that the feeding set is free from formaldehyde and made from natural materials sourced in the US.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Small/Medium: 16oz Capacity  - 21.2 x 11.4 x 2.5

    Large/XL: 32oz Capacity  - 25.5 x 14.2 x 3.0

    Offered in three colors: herb, natural and slate



    • Formaldehyde free
    • Made with American-grown rice hulls
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Non-skid, slip resistant
    • Made in the USA

    from $ 49.99

    ​​Made from rice hulls, these dog feeding bowls are resistant to mold and fungi.

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