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  • Bird & Tennis Ball Dog Toy

    Bird & Tennis Ball Dog Toy

    This dog toy is made from several different materials, so it has lots of texture and different mouth feel for your dog. The inset tennis ball is a clever way to add some variety to the toy, so your dog will be entertained longer. The cloth "wings" on the tennis ball make it easier to pick up, for dogs and people alike. Do not allow dog to play with toy if it becomes torn. Supervision is advised.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for most dogs, not recommended for hard chewers.


    Materials: Corduroy, faux fur, tennis ball, polyfill

    Mallard duck--14" long
    Pheasant--16" long


    • Soft plush toy holds a removable tennis ball in its belly
    • Each ball has plush "wings" to complete the bird's' life-like appearance
    • Wings make it easier to pick up the ball

    $ 19.99

    This awesome dog toy comes with a detachable tennis ball.

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