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  • Organic Hot Spot Oil for Dogs

    Organic Hot Spot Oil for Dogs

    Free from chemicals or toxins, the Hot Spot Oil not only soothes your dog's symptoms, but it helps heal hot spots as well. It's completely organic, made from jojoba oil and calendula petals and it's made in the USA. Of course, if you suspect there is an infection present please consult your vet.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs, including puppies, dogs with sensitive skin and senior dogs.


    2 Fl. oz.


    • Instant relief for Wet Eczema & Acute Pyoderma
    • Relieves, soothes & heals raw painful patches
    • Stops itching
    • Safe & gentle on your dog's coat
    • Calms insect bites
    • Human safe
    • Certified to USDA Organic Standards

    $ 19.99

    ​This oil quickly relieves symptoms from pesky hot spots on your dog.
  • Organic Restorative Balm For Dogs

    Organic Restorative Balm For Dogs

    The same way most of us keep some first aid cream around for human aches, pains and wounds, we generally don't have anything comparable for our dogs. The Organic Restorative Balm is great to have on hand to soothe aches and stiffness and to treat minor cuts and wounds. The ingredients are all food-grade, so it's safe if your dog should lick it. Just apply it gently to the affected area as many times a day as necessary.

    Note that this product is meant to be used in non-severe situations. If your dog is in pain, has open wounds or other medical issues always take him to a veterinarian.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs, including senior dogs, puppies and dogs with sensitive skin.


    Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Neem Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Organic Thyme Oil, Organic Willow Bark Extract

    1.85 oz. container


    • Rubs in easily
    • Antifungal & antibacterial
    • No odor or scent
    • Food grade ingredients are safe if licked
    • Certified to USDA Organic Standards
    • Made with Organic Oils
    • Soothes inflammation, stiffness and and aches
    • Treats cuts and wounds.

    $ 15.99

    ​This healing balm for dogs is the perfect way to treat wounds & muscle aches.

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