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Make adventures with your dog easy with the right gear- car seats, safety wear, carriers, dog coats and more. Everything you need for the dog on-the go!

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Vet Tip by AKC Expert Dr. Jerry Klein

"In recent years I have increasingly come to like protective clothing for dogs during the winter months. Dog booties, coats and sweaters can be an effective way to keep dogs warm and dry in winter months. Boots can protect your dog’s sensitive paws from the snow, ice and ice melt on the ground. If your dog does not wear booties, make sure to wash their paws after being outside in the winter weather. Coats and sweaters can also be helpful for dogs on cold days. This is especially true for dogs that are young, old, health-compromised, have minimal fur or have been recently groomed. A good rule of thumb, if you’re cold, your dog is cold. Never leave your pet unattended while wearing clothing or boots."


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