Dog Training

Training is an essential part of dog ownership and here are our selection of dog training tools to help you though it. From basic training through tricks and more complex training programs, everything you need to be your dog's best training partner.


Training Supplies

Basic Training

Help your dog master basic commands and behaviors

AKC Expert Dr. Mary Burch says....

"They may look like simple tricks such as “rollover” and “shake hands,” but there are many benefits to teaching your dog to do tricks. Trick training improves a dog’s concentration, memory and confidence. Some tricks, such as walking on a barrel, improve the dog’s balance, flexibility, and muscle tone.  Trick training is positive, and can make a good trainer out of a beginning trainer. And, trick training is fun!"

Tricks Training

Up your dog's repertoire with some fun tricks

Breed Specific Training

Get a handle on your dog's instincts

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