An Anxious Dog Can’t Help the Way They Feel

In dogs with separation anxiety, the area of the brain responsible for processing emotions and detecting fear goes into overdrive when they can't be with their owners. It’s the equivalent of a full-blown panic attack in a human.

The Science

As the fight or flight center, the amygdala is the area in the brain responsible for producing fear and emotional responses, which express themselves as the signs and symptoms of anxiety. An anxious brain is out of balance – with overactive brain cells that produce harmful substances causing inflammation and cell death instead of beneficial substances that reduce inflammation and protect the cells.

Utilizing a specifically tuned micro-current signal, targeted at the anxiety-center in your dog’s brain, the Calmer CanineTM device reaches the core of the problem and stimulates your dog’s natural ability to restore emotional balance — bringing your dog back to a calm state. Not to be confused with shock therapy, your dog is comfortable at all times and typically relaxes or even sleeps during the treatment.

Calmer Canine’s treatment is completely safe and sensation free. The device’s microcurrents are not felt and are delivered soundlessly. Unlike powerful medications, often prescribed to treat anxiety, Calmer Canine has no side effects. Cleared by the FDA, the technology builds off research conducted at Harvard University, suggesting that certain targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMFTM) signals are effective in treating humans with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

About Assisi Animal Health

Assisi Animal Health developed Calmer Canine and it joins their portfolio of deeply researched, technology-based products.  

Assisi Animal Health operates at the intersection of where science meets love and is defined by our uncompromising commitment to improve life’s journey for animals, free of pain and anxiety. Using innovative technology, we help veterinary professionals, animal behaviorist consultants, trainers and pet owners collaborate in delivering effective, drug-free care to animals, in-clinic and in the home.

Their team of veterinarians, engineers and neurobiologists are the world’s leading experts on the use of tPEMFTM on animals. Assisi Animal Health’s tPEMF products have been safely used on over 50,000 animals to treat pain and inflammation.

Refunds & Returns Policy

For health reasons, once the packaging has been opened and the product has come into contact with a dog’s body, the vendor is unable to accept returns.

  • Phone Number (Toll-free in the US) : 866-830-7342


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