AKC Burlap Clam Dog Bed
AKC Burlap Clam Dog Bed

AKC Burlap Clam Dog Bed

A cozy dog bed that's easy to get in and out of

$ 34.99

Why we like it

The combination of sturdy 100% polyester burlap and the plush inner layer makes this dog bed both practical and ultra-comfortable. We like the lower opening that allows even puppies or senior dogs to climb in and out.

Suitable for

Suitable for small and medium sized dogs.


This AKC Burlap Clam dog bed is just right for small and medium dogs alike. The low opening makes it easy for any dog, even puppies and elderly dogs, to step right in and curl up. The plush bolster walls and bottom are perfect for dogs who like to nestle…and what dog doesn’t? A non-skid bottom keeps the bed from sliding even on hard floors. And just to make life really easy—this dog bed is machine washable!

  • Soft, tufted plush bolsters and bottom
  • Easy for all dogs to climb in and out of
  • Machine washable
  • Non-skid

Size: 25" x 21.5" x 6"

Material: 100% Polyester

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Burlap Clam Dog Bed 10-14 days after placing your order.


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