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All-Natural Outdoors Protection Kit For Dogs
All-Natural Outdoors Protection Kit For Dogs

Pura Naturals Pet

All-Natural Outdoors Protection Kit For Dogs

Everything you need for your next adventure!

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Why we like it

The Outdoors Protection Kit shortens your to-do list by combining two important canine care products in one purchase. Some of us would never think of needing insect repellent for our dogs. This one is completely natural, effective and safe for you and your dog. The Paw Rescue is not only good for hiking and other outdoor activities, but it also protects your dog's paws from hot surfaces in summer and from road salt and ice in winter.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs, including those with sensitive skin, senior dogs and puppies.


Everything you need for your next adventure! Nothing's better than taking your dog along on hikes, camping, beach trips and other fun outdoor activities. Be prepared with the All-Natural Outdoors Protection Kit. This great wellness kit contains Ultimate Outdoor Protection All Natural Citronella Shield with natural citronella oil and other organic ingredients to protect your dog from pesky biting insects. It's not a replacement for flea and tick treatments, but it does shield him from the bites and stings of mosquitoes and other pests. And should his paws take a beating on rough terrain, Organic Paw Rescue soothes, protects and moisturizes dry, cracked pads. It also protects his paws from ice and road salt in winter and hot surfaces in summer. The Outdoors Protection Kit contains one of each--easy to stow before you go.

  • Certified to USDA Organic Standards
  • Free of chemicals and synthetics
  • Citronella Shield protects for up to two hours and can be reapplied as necessary
  • Paw Rescue works on dry, cracked pads as well as wounds, scratches or sores
  • Products are safe for your dog, even if licked
  • Environmentally friendly

All Natural Citronella Shield:

Size: 8 oz. spray container

Ingredients: Citronella Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil,Lavender,Eucalyptus Oil, Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil, Purified Water, Unscented Castile Soap, Catnip Oil

Organic Paw Rescue:

Size: 4.5 oz. container

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic St. John’s Wort Extract, Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Calendula Extract

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You can expect to receive the All-Natural Outdoors Protection Kit 3-5 days after placing your order.

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