Artero Blanc Shampoo
Artero Blanc Shampoo

Artero Blanc Shampoo

A color enhancing shampoo perfect for your dog's coat

$ 19.98

Why we like it

Great for dog's with black, white or grey coats, this shampoo enhances their coloring, as well as helps eliminate yellow tones. Your dog's coat will look bright, shiny and healthy!

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs with black, white or grey coats


Keep your dog's coat looking bright with this color enhancing dog shampoo. Designed for black, white and grey coated dogs, this shampoo gently cleans your dog's coat, helps eliminate yellow tones and leaves your pup's coat looking healthy and shiny.

  • Enhances coat color
  • Eliminates yellow tones
  • Leaves coat looking bright, shiny and healthy

Sizes: 9 oz

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