Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ceramic Mug
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ceramic Mug

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Hand-Painted Ceramic Mug

Hand-made mugs for dog lovers

$ 35.00

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Why we like it

These hand-painted ceramic mugs have adorable images of over one hundred dog breeds, so you're sure to find your favorite. For many breeds, there are even mugs for each color common to the breed!

Suitable for

Suitable for everyone


There's no such thing as too many mugs, especially when they're as fun and colorful as these breed-specific ones. Made of ceramic, each mug is hand-painted for a one-of-a-kind look. Choose your favorite breed and stock up. They're a great gift for the dog lovers in your life, too!

  • Holds a generous 16 oz.
  • Hand painted with breed images
  • Made of ceramic

Size: 16 oz.

Material: Ceramic

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Hand-Painted Ceramic Dog Breed Mug 2-3 weeks after placing your order.


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