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Country Critter Faballs
Country Critter Faballs


Country Critter Faballs

A cute and durable squeaker toy for your dog

$ 13.99

Why we like it

Not only are these toys adorable, they also can withstand your pup's sharp teeth. Easy to clean and durable, these critters will provide lots of fun for you and your dog.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs.


A round, fluffy sheep. A mouthwateringly prickly hedgehog. A beaver and raccoon—just waiting to be gnawed and gnarled. It’s the country critter faball gang, and they’re ready for a good thrashing in your puppy’s jaws. Because friendly farm animals are the most fun to play with!

  • Fun for dogs of all sizes
  • Durable and washable

Small: 3" height/width/depth

Medium: 4" height/width/depth

TPR Squeaker Ball

Cotton Fabric Covering

Spot clean with soap and water

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Country Critter Faball 6-8 days after placing your order.

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