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Extra Durable Chase & Chew Dog Toy
Extra Durable Chase & Chew Dog Toy


Extra Durable Chase & Chew Dog Toy

​For the tougher pups, these durable chaser toys are made of 5 strong layers.

$ 19.99

Why we like it

This product line is known for durable, innovative and amusing dog toys that can withstand hours of play without falling apart.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs. Suitable for the toughest chewers.


Designed for the tougher guys, these chaser toys are made of 5 strong layers, with a durable luggage material outer shell. The three designs have furry plush detailing that sets them apart from everyday chew toys. Rarely has a dog toy been so cute and so tough. Choose from three critters: rabbit, raccoon or skunk, or get the whole collection.

  • Five ultra-strong layers
  • Durable luggage material on the outer shell
  • Triple-stitched protective edging
  • Diagonal stitching ensures layers withstand the mightiest chewers
  • Each toy contains a squeaker
  • Machine washable

Materials: 2520 dernier nylon cover, 210 dernier nylon inner layers, polyfill, squeaker

Styles: Rabbit, raccoon, skunk

Size: 8.75" long

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Mega-Tough Chase & Chew Dog Toy 5-7 days after placing your order.

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