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Heating and Cooling Crate Pad
Heating and Cooling Crate Pad


Heating and Cooling Crate Pad

A comfortable pad for your dog's crate

$ 19.99

Why we like it

The Outlast Crate Pad manages heat and moisture to make sure your dog is at their most comfortable. The washable liner and rust proof zipper makes maintenance easy. The Outlast Crate Pad also comes in many different sizes for many different crates and breeds.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs.


This luxury pet dog crate pad with Outlast technology is designed and crafted to give your dog the same kind of comfort and freshness that you want for yourself. The Outlast dog crate pad is designed to manage heat and moisture using Outlast technology. This space age material developed for NASA helps mange the build up of a pets heat by mitigating temperature swings to balance temperature, keeping your dogs crate pad Not too Hot, Not too Cold¨.

  • Micro suede washable cover and liner
  • Brass rust & chew proof zipper
  • Heating & cooling technology developed for NASA

Material: micro suede cover

(#1) 9 x 15, (#2) 11 x 19, (#3) 13 x 20, (#4) 15 x 22, (#5) 16 x 24, (#6) 18 x 26, (#7) 21 x 27, #8) 21 x 32, (#9) 23 x 36, (#10) 26 x 42, (#11) 25 x 36, (#12) 25 x 46, (#13) 28 x 40, (#14) 28 x 48.

Machine-washable cover

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Outlast Crate pad 5-7 days after placing your order.

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