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Rough Rascals Multi-Play Dog Toy
Rough Rascals Multi-Play Dog Toy


Rough Rascals Multi-Play Dog Toy

​These rope animal dog toys are perfect for multi-toy and game use with your pup!

$ 14.99

Why we like it

Dogs can easily become bored with the same old toy, but this versatile dog toy is like several toys in one. Fetching, chewing, tugging, squeaking and comforting, the rough rascal toys have it all. The varied textures provide different mouth feel, too.

Do not allow dog to play with toy if it becomes torn. Supervision is advised.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs.


With multiple textures and so many different way to play, these tough dog toys are like several toys in one. They're constructed from canvas, rope and plush so they're perfect as tug toys, for a game of fetch, as little noisemakers and just to carry around. Choose your (or your dog's) favorite rascal: coyote, skunk or raccoon and let playtime begin!

  • Multiple textures for maximum canine chewing appeal
  • Works as a chewing toy, a tugging toy, a fetching toy, a squeaky toy, and a carry-around toy
  • Each toy includes a squeaker

Materials: Canvas, looped fabric, faux fur, rope, squeaker

Size: 19" long

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You can expect to receive the Rough Rascals Multi-Play Dog Toy 5-7 days after placing your order.

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