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AKC Specialty DVDs
AKC Specialty DVDs

AKC Specialty DVDs

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Hooked On Herding

Brought to you by the AKC, this video serves as a great introduction to herding for those interested in getting involved with this fantastic sport. A must have for the herding enthusiast. Runtime approx. 24 minutes. Published in 1999.

High On Hunting Spaniels

Explains in detail the AKC's Hunting Test For Flushing Spaniels. Unlike Spaniel Field Trials, this Hunting Program is designed to evaluate and grade a Spaniels' hunting abilities against written hunting standards, not against each other.

Pointers in the Field

Describes the AKC's Hunting Test Program for Pointing Breeds - designed to test how well a dog can perform what it was bred to do . . . without competing against another dog.

Field Testing Your Retriever

Designed as an aid for clubs to be more consistent in managing and judging hunting tests; and to give a better understanding of what is required by the dog to earn the various hunting titles.

With Courage and Style

A comprehensive and historic look at the world of Retriever Trials.

Turn Them Loose

Designed to assist Field Trial Committees and judges in planning and running a successful Pointing Breed Field Trial.

On The Line With English Springer Spaniels

An inside look at an English Springer Spaniel Field Trial, which is designed to test this breeds performance in the field.

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