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Torrent Dog Raincoat
Torrent Dog Raincoat


Torrent Dog Raincoat

A lightweight and quick-drying raincoat to help your dog weather the storm

$ 79.99

Why we like it

This waterproof and wind-proof rain jacket is lightweight but can stand up to demanding conditions. People with long-haired or thick-coated dogs will especially appreciate not having to dry a sodden dog after outdoor activities. The raincoat will quickly line dry and be ready for the next outing. The Torrent Raincoat is offered in many sizes, so please check the size guide before ordering.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs, especially those with long hair, soft coats or dense fur.


You know those days when it’s raining buckets, but the dog still needs to go out? Dress him in the Torrent Raincoat and he can weather any storm, so to speak. The outdoor fabric and waterproof membrane keep him clean and dry and the high collar and long hem protect his important muscle groups, chest and neck. And when you come back inside, you’ll find it’s much easier to dry the wet raincoat than it would be to dry a drenched dog!

Sizing Guide

  • Protects against wind and rain
  • Breathable Houndtex coating
  • Adjustable belt
  • Allows freedom of movement
  • Quickly line dries

Sizes: 13 sizes, from 8" to 35"

Colors: Raven, cherry, hi-viz orange

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Torrent Dog Raincoat 3-6 days after placing your order

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