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Flapjack Stuffing-Free Toy
Flapjack Stuffing-Free Toy

Flapjack Stuffing-Free Toy

A floppy friend for your playful pup

$ 10.12

Why we like it

Tug, toss and play with this stuffing-free toy! It's great for all types of play so your pup will always be entertained.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs. Not recommended for heavy chewers.


This Flapjack toy is great for play and won't slow your pup down. Great for tugging, tossing and chewing! If you dog just wants to snuggle or fling around this toy, your dog's new friend is ready for it.

  • Stuffing-free
  • Squeaker

Size: 12" Long

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive this toy 7-10 days after placing your order.

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