Hurtta Slush Combat Dog Overall
Hurtta Slush Combat Dog Overall

Hurtta Slush Combat Dog Overall

Protect your dog from slush and mud with a comfortable overall

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Why we like it

This company specializes in dog gear and clothing for the active dog (and his owner). The Slush Combat overall keeps your dog clean no matter the terrain. It even protects his legs and underside. Insulating and completely waterproof, so it's ideal for any weather conditions. It comes in several sizes so please check the size guide to get the right fit for your dog.

Suitable for

Suitable for active dogs


Some dogs like nothing better than to spend the day working (or playing) in the great outdoors, especially if water, mud and dirt are involved. Now you can give your dog free rein, with the Slush Combat outdoors overall. The high-performance fabric protects even long-haired dogs from the elements without restricting movement. This mean more outdoor adventures for your dog and less clean-up for you. Don't let the weather keep you indoors!

Slush and Mud Protector Dog Overall

Instructions for measuring a dog

1. The back length should be measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail.

2. The neckline measurement should be taken at the base of the neck (the widest point of the neck). The neckline overall can be larger as it can be adjusted to fit smaller necks.

3. The check measurement should be taken at the widest point of the chest from behind the front legs. To ensure sufficient freedom of movement, the chest overall should be 2-8" wider than the dog's chest.

 SIZE A - Back length (in) B - Neckline (in) C - Chest (in)
8S 8" 13" 17"
10S 10" 15" 19"
10M 10" 17" 20"
12XS 12" 15" 18"
12S 12" 20" 20"
12M 12" 21" 24"
12L 12" 17" 20"
14S 14" 22" 24"
14M 14" 22" 27"
16XS 16" 20" 24"
16M 16" 24" 29"
18XS 18" 21" 24"
18M 18" 27" 30"
20M 20" 27" 35"
22M 22" 27" 35"
22L 22" 28" 36"
24M 24" 34" 36"
28M 28" 39" 45"
28L 28" 32" 41"
32M 32" 41" 47"
  • Protects against mud, water, dirt, road salt and grime
  • Waterproof, breathable
  • Adjustable waist, collar and legs
  • High-visibility 3M reflectors for night time safety

Offered in 20 sizes, from 8" to 32"

Color: Granite, with raspberry or yellow trim

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