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Golden Retriever e-Reader Sleeve
Golden Retriever e-Reader Sleeve

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Golden Retriever e-Reader Sleeve

Show off your Golden Retriever with this e-Reader Sleeve

$ 24.99

Why we like it

If you've run out of wearables and accessories to display your favorite breed, this Kindle sleeve gives you another opportunity. It fits many e-readers, is durable and best of all, shows the world who you love.

Suitable for

Suitable for most e-readers. 


Show your heart on your sleeve, your Kindle, iPad Mini or other e-reader sleeve, that is. This neoprene cover is printed on both sides with an image of your favorite dog breed. It’s made of sturdy neoprene and has a zipper closure to keep your device safe.

  • Breed-specific image
  • Fits most e-readers, including Kindle and iPad Mini
  • Durable neoprene cover
  • Closes with a zipper to keep your device safe

Size: 8 3/4" x 6 1/2"

Material: Neoprene

Printed on both sides

Zipper closure

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Golden Retriever e-Reader Sleeve 4-7 days after placing your order

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