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Labrador Retriever Pet Placemat
Labrador Retriever Pet Placemat

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Labrador Retriever Pet Placemat

Show off your Labrador Retriever Love with this Pet Placemat

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Why we like it

This handy, washable mat is pretty versatile; use it under food or water bowls, keep it at the door to wipe your dog's feet, use it as a bath mat for canine bath time. And of course, show off your favorite breed.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs and the people who love them.


Show your dog just whose place it is—his! This non-slip pet mat displays your favorite breed and is the ideal spot for food or water bowls. Or use it as a door or bath mat. It’s backed with non-slip rubber so it stays right where you put it, while showing off your love for the breed.

  • Breed-specific image
  • Backed with non-slip rubber
  • Fabric top
  • Washable

Size: 12" x 18"

Materials: Fabric, rubber

Care: Wash with mild soap and water, lay flat to dry

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You can expect to receive the Labrador Retriever Pet Mat 4-7 days after placing your order

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