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Shih Tzu Figurine Cork Bottle Stopper
Shih Tzu Figurine Cork Bottle Stopper

Shih Tzu Figurine Cork Bottle Stopper

A bottle stopper that shows off your favorite breed

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  • 1 x Puppy Cut-Black and White
  • 1 x Puppy Cut- Gold and White
$ 24.99

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Why we like it

An artistic breed figurine sits atop this cork. bottle stopper Choose your favorite breed and even its color! The chrome-fitted cork comes with a ring and chain so you'll never lose this novel collectible.

Suitable for

Suitable for everyone


Wine bottles, perfume bottles, any bottle, in fact, that needs a stopper will look glorious with this breed-specific figurine cork. Your favorite breed sits atop a chrome-fitted cork complete with ring and chain. It’s a novel addition to your breed collectibles.

  • Artistic breed-specific figurine
  • Comes with a chrome ring chain
  • Chrome fitting on natural cork

Size: 4" high

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You can expect to receive the Dog Figurine Cork Bottle Stopper 2-3 weeks after placing your order.


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