EVERSWEET Dog Travel Water Bottle
EVERSWEET Dog Travel Water Bottle

EVERSWEET Dog Travel Water Bottle

Fresh water on the go

$ 19.99

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It's not always easy to find fresh water for your dog while traveling or during outdoor activities. The Eversweet Travel water purifying bottle delivers clean fresh water anywhere. A charcoal filter removes impurities and reduces chlorine for safe drinking water. The trough is arc-shaped which makes it easy for your dog to drink, with less spilling and dripping. With one-hand design and a leak-proof lid, you can take this water bottle wherever you and your dog go.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs


If you travel, hike or camp with your dog, or just spend lots of time outdoors, you know that providing him with fresh water can be problematic. The Eversweet Travel Water Purifier bottle solves that. Activated charcoal filtration removes impurities and reduces chlorine. The BioCleanAct material inhibits the growth of bacteria. The drinking trough is shaped like a spoon to make drinking easy for your dog. And the one-hand design makes it just as easy for you.

  • Replaceable carbon filter removes impurities
  • Designed to be used with one hand
  • Arc-shaped water trough is designed for the way dogs drink
  • Made of bacteria-inhibiting material
  • Leak-proof

Size: Holds 13.5 oz. (400 ml)

Material: BioCleanAct anti-bacterial material

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