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Poodle Training
Poodle Training

Poodle Training

Tips on training your Poodle puppy!

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This quick & easy read provides readers with the necessary tools to train a Poodle puppy! 

Suitable for

Suitable for Poodle puppy owners.


Poodle Training helps readers understand how a Poodle sees the world and how owners can progressively train their puppy for the best results. Claudia Kaiser explains what to expect in the first months of taking care of a Poodle puppy including what you need, basic puppy knowledge, and how to effectively communicate the puppies first commands. Dog Training for your Poodle Puppy aims to help every beginner dog owner, not only understand his or her dog better, but achieve a long-lasting, loving companionship!

  • Overview of first months owning a Poodle puppy
  • Tips on puppy health & happiness 
  • Convenient training methods for puppy Poodles

Kindle & Paperback

77 pages 

Size: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches 

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