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New Puppy Essentials Pack
New Puppy Essentials Pack


New Puppy Essentials Pack

The Puppy Pack includes essentials you need as a new puppy owner.

$ 40.99

Why we like it

There's so much to do with a new puppy that we like the convenience of so many essentials in one package.

Suitable for

Suitable for all puppies.

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New Puppy Essentials Pack

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Medium/Large Sized Dog

Medium/Large Sized Dog

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Small/Medium Sized Dog


The Puppy Pack includes essentials you need as a new puppy owner. We have a chew toy to get you through the teething phase, USA-made treats to reward your pup and a cute plush toy perfect for photo ops. We've also included our secret weapon, the AKC’s New Puppy Handbook, full of advice and tips to get you through the first year. And the best part… a blanket personalized with your pup’s name. This pack has everything you need to be the best doggone dog owner you can be!

  • All-natural treats, made in the USA
  • Toys for different types of play
  • Blanket customized with your dog's name

This pack includes:
• Personalized AKC® Fleece Blanket*
• Cloudstar Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits (Made in USA)
• Plush Squeaky Toy (Toy may vary)
• Spiked Ring Dog Toy
• Treat Bone Toy
• AKC's New Puppy Handbook
* Blanket specifications: colors may vary, size: 40" x 40", personalization: 17 characters

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You can expect to receive the All-You-Need Puppy Pack 7-10 days after placing your order.

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