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SureFlap RFID Dog & Cat Collar Tags, 2 count

SureFlap RFID Dog & Cat Collar Tags, 2 count

$ 21.85

Give your furry pal a safe way to get inside while keeping unwanted guests out with the SureFlap RFID Dog & Cat Collar Tags. Just like giving your pets their own house key, these RFID tags work with the SureFlap Microchip Doors to control who gets in and who goes out safely and securely. Available in sets of two, each collar tag contains an exclusive code that is unique to your pal. When programmed, the code is recognized by the flap door, which only opens for your cat or dog, and keeps animals without the tag out of your home. They’re perfect for pets that are not microchipped, and are easy to put on by simply adding it to your pet’s collar with the included metal hardware.


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