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The Dog Listener DVD & Activity Booklet
The Dog Listener DVD & Activity Booklet

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The Dog Listener DVD & Activity Booklet

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AKC Dog Care & Training Book

Be safe around dogs, become a dog listener.

Watch this entertaining, award-winning DVD - The Dog Listener, Be Safe Around Dogs: Become a Dog Listener! -- with your kids! As part of their home-made TV production, Kate and Travis get first-hand experience learning how to behave around dogs during an afternoon walk with their friend Maggie, a self-proclaimed ”Dog Listener.” Maggie doesn’t really hear what they are saying, but has learned how to take cues from a dog’s behavior and determine how to safely interact with them. In the end, Kate and Travis become Dog Listeners, too!

This DVD ships comes with a 16-page activity booklet to allow kids of all ages to better understand our four-legged friends through fun games, puzzles, mazes and coloring opportunities.


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