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LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar
LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

Advanced GPS Tracking for Your Dog and More. 

$ 129.00

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Why we like it

The GPS enabled LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar keeps track of your best friend's activity, location, and health.

Suitable for

Suitable for all dogs over 10lbs. Please check sizing to choose the right collar for yours. Note that sizing for the Classic and Sport Collars vary - please refer to the sizing chart below before placing your order.


The LINK AKC smart dog collar combines the most advanced technology putting your dog's needs and location right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Service Plan: LINK AKC requires a service plan for connectivity, similar to a cellular data plan for your smartphone. Using the nationwide coverage of the AT&T cellular network, service plans are as low as $6.95 per month and selected during activation in the LINK AKC app. Note that this independent of your cellphone service provider.

Plans include:

- An extended warranty on the tracking unit 

- Complimentary size exchange

- 24/7 access to the Pet Poison Helpline.

Style Size Length Width
Classic XS (not suitable for dogs <10lbs) 9" - 13" 0.5"
Classic Small (not suitable for dogs <15lbs) 9.5” – 14” 1"
Classic Medium 14” – 17.5” 1"
Classic Large 17” -  21” 1"
Classic XL 20.5” – 25” 1"
Sport XS/Small (not suitable for dogs <15lbs) 8”-11” 0.5"
Sport Medium 11”-17” 1"
Sport Large/XL 17”-29” 1"


  • Fast, reliable and accurate GPS to track your dog's location
  • Insightful activity monitoring
  • Be alerted when your dog is too hot or too cold
  • On-collar LED light to see your dog at night
  • Durable, high quality leather
  • Tracking unit fits onto most standard size collars
  • Remote sound feature to aid with training
  • Adventures Feature to create digital scrapbooks
  • 90 Day Risk Free Guarantee

Classic Collar:

XS= 9"-13"
Small = 9.5"-14"
Medium = 14"-17.5"
Large = 17"-20.5"
XL = 21"-25"

Sport Collar:

XS= 8" - 11"
Small = 8"-11"

Medium = 11"-17"
Large = 17"-29"
XL = 17"-29"

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Link AKC smart dog collar 5-7 days after placing your order 


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