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Wax Melt Warmer
Wax Melt Warmer

Wax Melt Warmer

An easy to use way to eliminate pet odor without an open flame

$ 29.99

Why we like it

The perfect option for the pet owner who wants an odor-free home but is worried about an open flame. This electric wax warmer plugs in for easy use and is made from high quality ceramic. It's a great way to freshen your home and for putting any pet lover's mind at ease.

Suitable for

Suitable for everyone


A safer option for pet owners who want to keep their home smelling fresh, without the worry of an open flame. This plug-in, electric wax warmer is easy to use and is made with high quality ceramic. It has a cute design that's perfect for pet lovers and works with all types of wax melts.

  • Easy to use
  • No flame for safer operation
  • High quality ceramic
  • Electric and plug-in
  • Still allows for fresh smelling scents

Size: 6.4 x 6.2 x 5.1 inches

Materials: Ceramic

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Wax Melt Warmer 7-10 days after placing your order.

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