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Washable Male Dog Belly Band (3pack)
Washable Male Dog Belly Band (3pack)

Washable Male Dog Belly Band (3pack)

A reusable belly band for your dog

$ 9.99

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You can control a lot of things but sometimes your dog's bladder isn't one of them. Give your pup (and your furniture) a break from messy accidents with this washable and highly absorbent male dog wrap

Suitable for male dogs.


Accidents happen and they can be even more unpredictable with a dog. These highly absorbent wraps will help you and your dog control any accidents when they happen. The belly bands have a highly absorbent pad sewn into the diaper and a 100% waterproof outer layer. These soft, comfortable belly bands are washable and come in a 3 pack for best value.

  • Washable
  • Soft, comfortable and leakproof
  • Comes in a 3-pack in 3 different colors

Size: XS-XXL

Measure and refer to sizing chart for correct size.

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