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Dachshund Toys

  • Chompy Chew Bone Rubber Dog Toy

    Chompy Chew Bone Rubber Dog Toy

    We like the fact the the gentle raised nubs massage your dog's teeth and gums while he's playing. The durable rubber is hard enough for active chewers. Dogs that enjoy playing fetch will be stimulated by the bone's unpredictable bounce.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Material: Rubber

    Size: 5" long

    Colors: Red, orange, green, blue


    • Made from hard, durable rubber
    • Nubs massage teeth and gums
    • Bounces erratically, so it's fun to fetch
    • Comes in four bright colors

    $ 13.99

    Raised surfaces gently massage your dog's teeth and gums to promote oral health.​
  • Country Critter Faball

    Country Critter Faball

    Not only are these toys adorable, they also can withstand your pup's sharp teeth. Easy to clean and durable, these critters will provide lots of fun for you and your dog.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Small: 3" height/width/depth

    Medium: 4" height/width/depth

    TPR Squeaker Ball

    Cotton Fabric Covering

    Spot clean with soap and water


    • Fun for dogs of all sizes
    • Durable and washable

    from $ 13.99

    A cute and durable squeaker toy for your dog
  • Stuffing Free Dog Toy

    Stuffing Free Dog Toy

    This is a good alternative to stuffed toys, which have stuffing that ends up all over the house. With four squeakers, your dog will have long hours of noisy play.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for dogs all sizes. Not recommended for hard chewers. 


    Materials: Corduroy, short plush, faux fur, squeakers

    Styles: Goose, mallard duck, pheasant

    Goose and duck--22" long
    Pheasant--21" long


    • Each has four squeakers
    • Choose goose, mallard duck, or pheasant
    • Squeakers and plush; polyfill in head only

    $ 14.99
    Sold Out

    These stuffing free dog toys are perfect for dogs who like to play fetch and tug-o-war!
  • Rubber Snail Puppy Chew & Treat Toy

    Rubber Snail Puppy Chew & Treat Toy

    This dog chew toy is 100% natural and non-toxic so it's safe, even for young puppies. The unique shape gives puppies different chew textures. Fill it with small treats to add hours of stimulation and enjoyment.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for puppies and small dogs.


    Size: 3”c x .75”d

    Material: 100% natural rubber


    • 100% natural non-toxic rubber is safe for your dog
    • Treat dispensing

    $ 10.99

    Treat dispensing chew toy perfect for puppies and small dogs.
  • Funny Flock Dog Toy

    Funny Flock Dog Toy

    This product line is known for innovative dog toys that are versatile, colorful and incorporate mixed materials. There are so many different ways to play with the funny flock toy that your dog will be entertained longer.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs


    Materials: Corduroy, canvas, looped fabric, faux fur, squeakers

    Size: 11.5" long

    Styles: Canada goose, mallard duck, pheasant


    • Combines mixed materials to provide multiple textures
    • Knotted corduroy feet each have a squeaker, plus one in the body
    • Available in pheasant, Canada goose, and mallard duck

    $ 12.99
    Sold Out

    ​These funny bird shaped dog toys come in a variety of colorful characters.

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