AKC Breeder Reports

AKC Breeder Reports

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Note: To purchase a Breeder Report you must first register your dog with AKC.
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Research Pedigree:

An AKC Online Research Pedigree is a listing of the selected dog's ancestry for four or five generations. The research pedigrees lists the registration number, registered name, coat color, Stud Book Date, and OFA or EYE numbers where applicable.

Progeny Report:

A progeny report lists all offspring of the selected sire or dam that have earned an AKC title, such as Champion (Ch) or Companion Dog (CD). This report does not list offspring that have not earned an AKC sanctioned title. Click here for a list of titles. If you select the option to include the sire(s)/dam(s), your report will list both parents. We do not offer a report that lists dogs that have not earned a title.

Information about dogs whelped before 1980 and awards/results records for events held before 1986 may not be available in our online database and reports encompassing records prior to this date may include partial or no information. However, information about all AKC-registered dogs and all AKC-licensed and member events is maintained in our permanent archives. There are currently no reports available online or elsewhere that contain this information.

AKC reports are only available electronically for download, they are not emailed or mailed.

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