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Rottweiler Essentials

Essentials selected for Rottweilers.
  • Crash-Tested Car Safety Harness

    Crash-Tested Car Safety Harness

    This Safety Harness is one of the best available and it keeps your dog securely in place in the car, even during a sudden stop or collision. The Infinite Loop design avoids the hassle of multiple attachment straps and additional gear. The harness works just as well as a walking harness, too, with a D-ring for the leash and reflective safety strips.

    Suitable For

    Recommended for pets 18 to 90 lbs, sizing is determined by chest measurement around a dog’s rib cage, just behind the front legs. Please check size before ordering.


    Sizing instructions:



    • Small (16.5-22”)
    • Medium (22.5-28”)
    • Large (28.5-34”)
    • Extra Large size: 34.5-40”
    • Sizes are determined by chest measurement around a dog’s rib cage, just behind the front legs. 

    Colors: Black, Red, Orange, Robin Egg Blue


    • Three-point design for use in rear passenger seat secures a dog’s entire torso
    • Cushioned, energy absorbing vest
    • Quick connection and release
    • Strength-tested, automotive grade materials
    • Suitable for use as a walking harness
    • Reflective strips for visibility at night

    from $ 80.99

    A rigorously tested harness that will keep you dog safe in the car
  • Cooling Vest

    Cooling Vest

    Unlike other cooling dog products, you don't need to remember to freeze anything or carry extra gear. Just wet the Cooling Vest in cold water, wring it out and zip it on to your dog. The mesh material retains moisture for long periods of time to keep you dog cool and comfortable through any activity. The vest comes in several sizes so please check the sizing guide to get the right fit for your dog.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs


    Sizes: XX small--XX large

    Colors: Blue, lilac


    • Easy to use: wet, wring dry and zip it on your dog
    • Retains moisture longer, even in the hottest weather
    • Available in sizes from XX Small—XX Large

    from $ 34.99

    Keep your pup cool with this easy to use cooling vest
  • Super Heavy Non-Tip Bowls

    Super Heavy Non-Tip Bowls

    These bowls are easy to clean and don't absorb bacteria. These bowls are sturdy enough for the messy eater and comes in many sizes for all types of breeds.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Material: 14/4 Stainless-Steel (14% Chrome/4% Nickel); Rubber base


    • 1/2 pint (8 oz) - 5"W x 2"H - 1 Cup
    • 1 pint (16 oz) - 5 1/2"W x 2"H - 2 Cups
    • 1 1/2 pint (24 oz) - 6"W x 2"H - 3 Cups
    • 1 quart (36 oz) - 6 1/2"W x 2 1/8"H - 4 Cups
    • 2 quarts (64 oz) - 8"W x 3"H - 8 Cups
    • 3 quarts (96 oz) - 9"W x 3 1/2"H - 12 Cups
    • 5 quarts (160 oz) - 9 1/2"W x 2"H - 20 Cups


    • Extra heavy-duty stainless-steel construction
    • Won’t rust or scratch

    from $ 11.99

    Stainless Steel Bowls that resist movement to reduce spills.
  • All-Natural Outdoors Protection Kit For Dogs

    All-Natural Outdoors Protection Kit For Dogs

    The Outdoors Protection Kit shortens your to-do list by combining two important canine care products in one purchase. Some of us would never think of needing insect repellent for our dogs. This one is completely natural, effective and safe for you and your dog. The Paw Rescue is not only good for hiking and other outdoor activities, but it also protects your dog's paws from hot surfaces in summer and from road salt and ice in winter.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs, including those with sensitive skin, senior dogs and puppies.


    All Natural Citronella Shield:

    Size: 8 oz. spray container

    Ingredients: Citronella Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil,Lavender,Eucalyptus Oil, Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil, Purified Water, Unscented Castile Soap, Catnip Oil

    Organic Paw Rescue:

    Size: 4.5 oz. container

    Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic St. John’s Wort Extract, Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Calendula Extract


    • Certified to USDA Organic Standards
    • Free of chemicals and synthetics
    • Citronella Shield protects for up to two hours and can be reapplied as necessary
    • Paw Rescue works on dry, cracked pads as well as wounds, scratches or sores
    • Products are safe for your dog, even if licked
    • Environmentally friendly

    $ 29.98 $ 25.99

    Everything you need for your next adventure!
  • Overstuffed Luxury Dog Sofa

    Overstuffed Luxury Dog Sofa

    Perfect for your home and your dog, this Overstuffed Luxury Dog Sofa is the ultimate way for your pup to lounge. The micro suede fabric cover is comfortable, durable and washable. The sofa also comes in a variety of sizes for different breeds.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Material: micro suede cover, polyester filling

    • Small: 20"L x 30"W x 8" H (outside)
    • Large: 30"L x 40"W x 11" H (outside)
    • X-Large: 36"L x 54"W x 13" H (outside)

    Machine-washable cover and pillows


    • Rust proof zipper
    • Stuffed with high loft polyester fill for added comfort
    • Removable bolsters
    • Removable cover and pillow are machine wash and dry
    • Covered in designer micro suede fabric

    from $ 129.95

    An overstuffed sofa for the dog who likes to lounge
  • Heating and Cooling Crate Pad

    Heating and Cooling Crate Pad

    The Outlast Crate Pad manages heat and moisture to make sure your dog is at their most comfortable. The washable liner and rust proof zipper makes maintenance easy. The Outlast Crate Pad also comes in many different sizes for many different crates and breeds.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Material: micro suede cover

    (#1) 9 x 15, (#2) 11 x 19, (#3) 13 x 20, (#4) 15 x 22, (#5) 16 x 24, (#6) 18 x 26, (#7) 21 x 27, #8) 21 x 32, (#9) 23 x 36, (#10) 26 x 42, (#11) 25 x 36, (#12) 25 x 46, (#13) 28 x 40, (#14) 28 x 48.

    Machine-washable cover


    • Micro suede washable cover and liner
    • Brass rust & chew proof zipper
    • Heating & cooling technology developed for NASA

    from $ 19.99

    A comfortable pad for your dog's crate
  • AKC Memory Foam Sofa Bed for Dogs

    AKC Memory Foam Sofa Bed for Dogs

    If you've slept on memory foam, you know how comfortable and supportive it is. It's a great choice for older or arthritic dogs as well as for a puppy's growing bones. We like that this plush, comfortable bed is made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, too.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Size: 30" x 40" x 8"

    Materials: 100% Polyester, with recycled materials


    • Removable Cover for easy laundering
    • Recycled and environmentally-friendly materials
    • Memory foam for orthopedic support

    $ 85.99 $ 75.99

    A memory foam dog bed for extra support
  • Padded Collar

    Padded Collar

    Whether you have a Chinese Crested hairless dog or a densely-furred Husky (or anything in-between), this neoprene-padded collar will be comfortable around his neck. The reflectors provide added safety and the adjustable collar comes in so many sizes that you'll be able to get just the right fit. Be sure to check the size guide before ordering.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs


    Collar sizes: 12-26"

    Washable material


    • Washable material
    • Strong buckles, clasps and leash attachment
    • Available in a wide range of sizes
    • Neoprene padding protects your dog’s skin and fur

    $ 26.99

    A collar made for your dog's comfort

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