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Leather Snap Lead

  • Flat Leather Snap Lead

    Flat Leather Snap Lead

    This brand is known for its high-quality show and grooming supplies, catering to professionals, dog owners and groomers. The flat leather snap lead no exception. With a swivel bolt snap and fine leather construction, it will serves your needs without upstaging the canine star of the show!

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs


    Material: Leather

    Sizes: Lengths--3', 5', 1/4" thick

    Colors: Black leather, brown leather


    • 1/4" thick
    • Swivel bolt snap
    • Soft on one side and smooth on the other
    • 1/4" thick
    • Made in the USA

    from $ 9.99

    Show off your dog with this sleek leash

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