Car Covers

Keep your car protected from dirt, dog hair and insects with these inventive car seat covers
  • Insect Shield Car Seat Cover

    Insect Shield Car Seat Cover

    This brand is known for clothing and dog gear that effectively repels insects. Permethrin is bonded into the fabric and doesn't rub off, so there's no need for sticky gels or sprays that are absorbed into the dog's skin. We like that the car seat cover serves a dual purpose: not only is your pet safe from biting insects, but your car stays a lot cleaner!

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs and fits most cars.


    Size: 55" x 42"
    Fits most vehicles


    • Designed to fit most vehicles
    • Adjustable straps and two seat belt slots for use with a car harness
    • Insect repellent is completely odorless
    • Effectively repels insects
    • Machine washable up to 25 times
    • Approved vendor of the US Army and Marine Corps

    $ 73.99

    ​Treated with permethrin to repel ticks and other insects.
  • Insect Shield Cargo Cover

    Insect Shield Cargo Cover

    This brand is known for its insect-repelling clothing and dog gear. The cargo cover is a versatile solution to two problems: keeping cargo neatly in place and protecting your canine companion from harmful insects. It's machine washable, so you can use it again and again.

    Suitable For

    Will fit most station wagons and SUVs.


    Size: 55" x 42"
    600 dernier polyester
    Machine washable with cold water, lay flat to dry


    • Made of scratch-resistant, durable polyester
    • Repels harmful insects without absorbing into your dog's system
    • Machine washable up to 25 times
    • Easily adjustable, with Velcro closures and straps

    $ 72.99

    Fits most SUVs and station wagons to protect your gear from dirt and insects.

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