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Safety Wear

If you love bringing your dog along on your adventures, make sure he's always protected with dog safety wear clothing. Products include dog life jackets and anxiety reducing shirts for soothing.
  • Polar Visibility Vest

    Polar Visibility Vest

    The high-visibility colors make your dog easy for you to spot on hikes and sporting activities and adds visibility on the road at night. It's water-resistant and windproof, too. It's offered in six sizes, from XX Small through XX Large, so please check the sizing guide to get the right fit for your dog.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs


    Sizes: XX small--XX Large

    Colors: Hi-Viz orange and yellow

    Materials: Soft-shell fabric with a laminated water-resistant Houndtex


    • Fully waterproof and windproof
    • Fits snugly
    • Keeps your dog warm in winter
    • Hi-viz colors
    • Tag has room to add your phone number
    • Highly visible 3M reflectors

    from $ 54.99

    A warm and high-visibility vest for all of your dog's adventures
  • Sun & Bug Blocker

    Sun & Bug Blocker

    Extreme conditions call for extreme protection and that's just what you get with the Sun & Bug Blocker. The overalls provide protection from biting insects and harmful UV rays without restricting your dog's movement. Your canine companion deserves to be safe on all your adventures! The overalls come in various sizes, so please check the size guide to select the right fit for your dog.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs


    Offered in 10 sizes


    • Protects dogs from harmful biting insects and UV rays
    • Flexible, thin material doesn’t restrict movement
    • Retains efficiency for one hundred washes
    • Dermatologically tested to be safe for dogs
    • Available in several sizes

    from $ 59.99

    Protect your pup against unwanted sun and pest exposure
  • KONG® Anxiety Reducing Shirt

    KONG® Anxiety Reducing Shirt

    Trying to calm an anxious dog can be stressful but this anxiety reducing shirt makes your and your dog's life easier. The snug fit and lavender sachet help calm your anxious dog and it's machine washable for easy care.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.


    Material: 90% polyester, 10% Spandex

    Sizing Guide: Measure the length or your pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. If the measurement is between sizes or if your pet has a stouter build, select a garment one size larger for a proper fit. Please note: KONG® Anxiety-Reducing Shirts intentionally have a snug fit and do not follow standard sizing.


    • XXS: 8" length, 8" neck, 8" chest
    • XS: 10" length, 9" neck, 10" chest
    • S: 12" length, 10" neck, 12" chest
    • S/M: 14" length, 12" neck, 15" chest
    • M: 16" length, 12" neck, 18" chest
    • M/L: 18" length, 13" neck, 22" chest
    • L: 20" length, 17" neck, 24" chest
    • XL: 24" length, 20" neck, 30" chest
    • XXL: 30" length, 25" neck, 34" chest

    Care: Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Line dry.


    • Patented wrap-around design and lavender sachet help calm anxious dogs
    • Removable/adjustable leg straps and flexible Velcro® closures add comfort and versatility
    • Reflective trim improves nighttime visibility
    • Cooling properties are activated when wet

    $ 35.99

    This snug-fitting shirt is great for soothing dogs during thunderstorms.
  • Outback Dog Boots

    Outback Dog Boots

    As with all products from this Finnish company, the Outback Dog Boots are made with the active dog in mind. They’re completely weatherproof and the rubber sole provides a good grip while protecting your dog’s feet. They’re sold in sets of two, so you can even order different sizes for front and back feet. Outback Boots come in several sizes, so please check the size chart to get the right fit for your dog.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs, especially active dogs


    Size: Small--XX Large

    Color: Granite


    • Easy to put on and remove, with stretch Velcro strap
    • Lightweight, not bulky
    • Weatherproof Houndtex shell
    • Durable rubber sole

    $ 34.99

    Dog boots that are easy to put on and won't impede your dog's movement
  • Slush & Mud Protector Dog Overall

    Slush & Mud Protector Dog Overall

    This company specializes in dog gear and clothing for the active dog (and his owner). The Slush Combat overall keeps your dog clean no matter the terrain. It even protects his legs and underside. Insulating and completely waterproof, so it's ideal for any weather conditions. It comes in several sizes so please check the size guide to get the right fit for your dog.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for active dogs


    Offered in 20 sizes, from 8" to 32"

    Color: Granite, with raspberry or yellow trim


    • Protects against mud, water, dirt, road salt and grime
    • Waterproof, breathable
    • Adjustable waist, collar and legs
    • High-visibility 3M reflectors for night time safety

    from $ 92.99

    Protect your dog from slush and mud with a comfortable overall
  • Torrent Dog Raincoat

    Torrent Dog Raincoat

    This waterproof and wind-proof rain jacket is lightweight but can stand up to demanding conditions. People with long-haired or thick-coated dogs will especially appreciate not having to dry a sodden dog after outdoor activities. The raincoat will quickly line dry and be ready for the next outing. The Torrent Raincoat is offered in many sizes, so please check the size guide before ordering.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs, especially those with long hair, soft coats or dense fur.


    Sizes: 13 sizes, from 8" to 35"

    Colors: Raven, cherry, hi-viz orange


    • Protects against wind and rain
    • Breathable Houndtex coating
    • Adjustable belt
    • Allows freedom of movement
    • Quickly line dries

    from $ 79.99

    A lightweight and quick-drying raincoat to help your dog weather the storm

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