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Free shipping for orders over $ 49.00

Puppy Training Supplies

A new puppy has so much to learn and you can make the job easier for both of you with the right gear. Teach him what he should do and what he absolutely cannot do with the right puppy training supplies, including crates, puppy pads, chewing deterrents, helpful manuals and much more.
  • Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray

    Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray

    This product was developed by a pharmacist to deter chewing and licking. Use it as training tool to stop your puppy from chewing on furniture, shoes and other forbidden household objects. With its bitter taste, it also discourages dogs from licking a wound, hot spot or bandage. You may even be able to avoid using the 'cone of shame!

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs, including teething puppies and dogs with hotspots or wounds


      • Sizes: 8 oz pump, 16 oz refill, 32 oz refill
      • Ingredients include water, isopropanol 20%, bitter principles, and extracts


    • Bitter taste deterrent
    • Discourages fur biting, hair chewing and hotspots
    • Made in the USA
    • Non-toxic

    from $ 7.99

    Deter your dog from Chewing what they shouldn't
  • S.T.A.R. Puppy Book

    S.T.A.R. Puppy Book

    A practical and helpful guide through puppy socialization and training. You'll learn how to be a responsible owner, too!

    Suitable For

    Suitable for owners of puppies of all breeds.



    216 Pages

    Size: 6" x 9"


    • Positive behavioral training is an effective method to socialize and train any puppy.

    $ 14.95

    A practical approach to positive behavioral training
  • 51 Puppy Tricks

    51 Puppy Tricks

    Many of the 'tricks' in this book are actually desirable behaviors and habits that will serve you and your dog well throughout his life. The instructions break everything down into manageable steps that your puppy (and you) will learn together. Training is also an important bonding experience.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all puppies up to two years old.



    176 Pages

    Size: 7" x 9"


    • Engage and challenge your puppy
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Photographs

    $ 18.99 Sold Out

    Teach your puppy how to do amazing tricks!
  • Time to Go Out! A Dog Tricks Kit

    Time to Go Out! A Dog Tricks Kit

    This mini kit of 5 tricks is a great introduction to dog tricks. Step-by-step photo instructions and enclosed bells and tools set you up for success.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for every dog owner, including kids.


    Box Kit

    16 page instruction booklet, doggy doorbells, specially designed pocket-tug strap with food pouch

    Size: 6” x 6” x 2.5”


    • Step-by-step photo instructions for each trick
    • Includes all the tools you need to teach 5 tricks
    • Great for potty training

    $ 17.99

    Perfect for potty training
  • Classic Wire Dog Crate

    Classic Wire Dog Crate

    This wire dog crate is one of the best values in its category. We like how easy it is to set up and that it folds for travel or storage. It's durable enough to last for years and comes in sizes for all dogs. Please consult the sizing to choose the right crate for your dog.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for all dogs.



    • XS--18"L x 12 1/2"W x 15"H (includes only one latch)
    • Small--24"L x 17"W x 20"H
    • Medium--30"L x 19"W x 22"H
    • Medium/Large--36"L x 22 1/2"W x 25"H
    • Large--42"L x 28"W x 31"H
    • XL--48"L x 30"W x 33"H

    Wipe clean with damp cloth


    • Comes complete with a dual latching door to safely secure pets (except X-Small)
    • Folds for storage or travel
    • Includes a slide-out floor tray and a removable divider panel
    • Top handle for easy transport
    • Assembly instructions included

    from $ 39.99

    Just add a cozy crate mat and your dog will be ready to settle in for a good snooze!
  • Durable Plastic Dog Crate

    Durable Plastic Dog Crate

    This easy-to-assemble dog crate has security features that make it safe for any kind of travel. You can even make it compliant with air travel regulations. Please consult the sizing chart to select the right crate for your dog.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for dogs up to 70 lbs.


    Materials: Plastic, metal

    Sizing Chart

    Crate Sizes Length Width Height Weight Capacities
    Extra Small 18" 12" 9" Holds up to 10 lbs
    Small 22¾" 15¾" 10½" Holds up to 25 lbs
    Medium 26¾" 19¼" 14½" Holds up to 35 lbs
    Medium/Large 31¾" 22¾" 18¼" Holds up to 50 lbs
    Large 36¼" 24¾" 20½" Holds up to 70 lbs



    • Sturdy security latches keep pets safely contained during travel
    • Ventilation holes and metal doors can be flipped to lock on the right or left side
    • Includes screws required for compliance with air travel regulations
    • Easy to assemble

    from $ 34.99

    ​This durable, heavy-duty plastic dog crate makes transportation easy.
  • AKC Puppy Pads

    AKC Puppy Pads

    Your new puppy has a lot of things to learn and one of them is where to go potty. These ultra-absorbent training pads make training easier, with an attractant and odor control. They have six absorbent layers with a quick-drying gel, so there will be no leaking or puddling. Pad dimensions: 22" x 22" 

    $ 17.99

  • AKC Puppy Starter Pack

    AKC Puppy Starter Pack

    Anything that makes life easier for a puppy owner is a boon and this kit contains some useful essentials. With a multi-purpose brush, training pads, collar, leash and waste bag dispenser, you're ready for almost anything.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for puppies. If your puppy is large please measure him to ensure the collar size will fit.


    Collar size:

    • Small: 9"-14" length, 5/8" width
    • Large: 14"-20" length, 3/4" width
    • Leash: 6 ft


    • Contains four useful tools for starting life with a new puppy
    • The two-sided brush cleans and shines your puppy’s coat
    • The collar is fully adjustable to fit even very small (and very large) puppies
    • Training pads are leak-proof and come with step-by-step instructions
    • Waste bag dispenser includes two refill rolls
    • Dispenser attaches to leash, leaving your hands free

    $ 34.99

    Includes all the essentials for your new puppy

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