Chris Christensen 004 9" Coarse Poodle-Style Buttercomb

Chris Christensen 004 9" Coarse Poodle-Style Buttercomb

A smooth gliding comb that won't catch hair

$ 52.00

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Why is this called a Buttercomb? Because it glides through your dog's coat like butter! The stainless steel teeth are completely smooth and seamless, so they don't catch or snag. And with seven different combs to choose from, you'll be able to put together a collection just right for your needs.


  • Solid brass core with flat spine and round core top
  • Exceptionally smooth teeth glide through the coat
  • Steel teeth with highly finished tips and quality nickel chrome finish
  • Unique design is seamless & smooth so it won't catch hair
  • Offered in seven styles

Why We Like It

Meticulously crafted by a brand known for their show dog products, the Buttercombs are designed to glide smoothly through your dog's coat. The stainless steel teeth are embedded in a solid brass core, so they're strong and seamless. Whether you're a professional groomer or an owner who grooms your dog at home, this is coat care at its best, with no snagging or breakage.

Good For

Suitable for professional groomers and dog owners


Materials: Stainless steel, brass

Size: Spine - 9 5/8", Teeth length - 1 1/4", Teeth/inch - 5

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Buttercomb 7-10 days after placing your order.

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