^AKC DNA + Health Kit
^AKC DNA + Health Kit

^AKC DNA + Health Kit

​This kit requires activation using a sample key and activation code at https://dna.akc.org prior to submission. Failure to do so will result in delays in receiving results. Includes genetic identity for parentage verification and genetic health and traits testing. Does NOT determine dog breed.

$ 135.99

Additional Info

To purchase the AKC DNA Kit for just genetic identity and parentage verification without genetic health and trait markers click here.

AKC DNA + Health: A powerful breeder tool


  • Activate at dna.akc.org using the sample key and activation code assigned to each individual kit. 
  • Accurate results within  4-6 weeks.


  • Results will be emailed to the customer’s address on file.
  • Report includes letter of analysis for the AKC DNA Profile, and report for health and traits results.

Please Note: AKC DNA testing DOES NOT determine breed of the dog (breed purity), conformation, performance ability, or specific coat color. AKC DNA health and trait tests are for informational purposes only. A normal result does not exclude a different cause of this disease, either from a different genetic variant, or from another cause. Abnormal results are not diagnostic for the disease. If you are concerned your dog may have this disease, please consult your veterinarian. Trait testing provides genotypes for color or trait markers, but does not determine specific color or traits.

The AKC DNA Health Test Kit is excluded from 30-day satisfaction guarantee

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