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Boomerang Toy with Tennis Ball
Boomerang Toy with Tennis Ball


Boomerang Toy with Tennis Ball

The boomerang shape of this retrieving toy makes it perfect for throwing.

$ 18.99

Why we like it

This versatile toy is made of tough chew-resistant fabric, suitable for a game of fetch, tug-of-war or solo entertainment.The material is tough enough for the most intense play.

Suitable for

The Sporting Dog series was specifically designed for hunting and retrieving breeds to fulfill their inherent needs for interaction, fetching, rewards and individual play.


What could be better than a tough, durable tug toy complete with its own tennis ball? Whether playing fetch or tug-of-war with you or entertaining himself by chewing and chasing, this versatile toy provides hours of fun. It's built for intense play and the kind of retrieving and fetching that Sporting dogs love. And the material is chew and rip-resistant for the heartiest play.

  • Chew resistant
  • Two toys in one

Size: 14”w x 9.5”h x 2.5”d

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You can expect to receive the toy 7-10 days after placing your order.

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