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Brainiac Pack
Brainiac Pack

Brainiac Pack

Outsmart your Dog with these Toys!

$ 35.99

*Rolling Barrel of Fun is OUT OF STOCK. Prices have been adjusted for to reflect this.

Why we like it

Dogs need mental stimulation as much as they need physical exercise, and with the Brainiac pack, he’s getting plenty. There are three treat-dispensing toys for him to figure out and each one will challenge him in a different way, providing novelty, entertainment and, of course, treats!

Suitable for

Suitable for Large Breeds


Give your dog hours of entertainment and stimulation with this pack of three challenging treat-dispensing toys. The different shapes and styles will keep him busy, whether he’s the smartest dog in town or just the smartest dog in your house.

The Brainiac Pack Includes:

  • Rolling Barrel of Fun is a tough, polycarbonate treat dispensing toy that will stand up to big dogs and keep them busy for hours foraging for treats instead of eating the couch.  Insert food or treats into hole on side of toy and place on floor.  Food/treats will randomly dispense as the dog moves and rolls toy.  .
  • Soft Rubber Treat Dispensing Drum This soft rubber treat dispensing drum has pockets on the sides which can be filled with treats. Use it for a game of fetch  or hide it in various places for your Brainiac to find. Note that this is not a chew toy, please supervise your dog during playtime. 
  • Rocking Treat Dispenser This innovative dog toy, with its clear dome, dispenses treats for hours of solo play. It's shaped to stay upright at all times, so treats don't easily fall out. Even better, it makes a rocking sound when moved for added entertainment.
  • Busy Bucket The treat-dispensing Busy Bucket looks like an average bucket but the bottom pops out allowing you to put tasty treats inside. This toy helps fulfill your dog's natural need to forage and hunt for food. It will stimulate the brain and mind, all while providing hours of fun!

Rolling Barrel of Fun is OUT OF STOCK. Prices have been adjusted for the Brainiac Pack to reflect this.

  • Three different toys with different challenges
  • Treat-dispensing mentally stimulating toys

Treat Dispensing Drum: 5" x 2.5" x 2.5"

Busy Bucket: 8.24”D x 5.7”H

Rolling Barrel of Fun: 4" x 4.5"

Treat Dispensing Gum Ball, 5.25" x 4.6"

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Brainiac Pack 7-10 days after placing your order.


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