Washable Dog Sofa in Show Dog Fabrics
Washable Dog Sofa in Show Dog Fabrics

Washable Dog Sofa in Show Dog Fabrics

A washable dog sofa for all sorts of accidents

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This sofa is ready for any accident! A luxurious 5 inches thick, with a soft micro-suede cover, the mattress is made of low-density polyethylene and is durable and long-lasting. It's breathable, which means no heat build-up, and is washable with soap and water to help clean up after any accidental messes. The cover is a soft-micro-suede - just right for curling up on, and can be machine-washed and dried. Keep your dog safe, sanitary and comfortable during their snooze.

Size Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions
Medium 18" Wide x 14" Deep 30" Wide x 20" Deep
Large 28" Wide x 18" Deep 40" Wide x 30" Deep
X-Large 42" Wide x 24" Deep 54" Wide x 36" Deep


  • 100% machine-washable cover
  • Hand-washable mattress
  • 5" thick mattress
  • Luxury micro suede fabrics
  • Bolsters can be removed
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Brass rust proof zipper
  • Available in multiple colors

Why We Like It

We think this is a game-changer in dog beds. While most dog bed covers are washable, the mattress itself is hand-washable too. This dog sofa is comfortable for your dog and makes accidents easy to remedy.

Good For

Suitable for all dogs


Material: Micro-suede, low-density polyethylene


  • Medium Interior: 18" wide x 14" deep, Exterior: 30" wide x 20" deep
  • Large Interior: 28" wide x 18" deep, Exterior: 40" wide x 30" deep
  • Extra Large Interior: 42" wide x 24" deep, Exterior: 54" wide x 36" deep

Machine-washable cover, hand-washable mattress

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Washable Dog Sofa 5-7 days after placing your order.

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