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Wire Fox Terrier Embroidered Sports Chair
Wire Fox Terrier Embroidered Sports Chair

Wire Fox Terrier Embroidered Sports Chair

The ultimate spectator chair featuring your favorite breed

$ 149.99

Why we like it

Whether for sporting events, picnics or camping, this folding chair has everything you need and more. It's lightweight and easy to carry, so it can go anywhere. It has a fold-out table, storage caddy, padded armrests and seat and security pocket. And to set it apart even more, it's embroidered with a breed-specific image. Perfect for dog shows, too!

Suitable for

Suitable for everyone


This is the ultimate folding chair! The wide seat is padded, so you're comfortable even if the game goes into overtime. There's an armrest caddy and zippered pocket for valuables. It even has a fold-out table to hold drinks and food and an insulated beverage pouch. And the finishing touch: your favorite dog breed embroidered on the front.

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Webbed handles
  • Extra Wide Seat
  • Padded armrests
  • Pockets
  • Insulated bottle beverage pouch
  • Zippered security pocket
  • Folding side table

Size: 33" x 5" x 21"

19.5" wide seat that sits 16.5"above the ground

Material: 600D polyester

Colors: Black, green, navy, purple, red

Delivery Info

You can expect the Embroidered Sports Chair to ship 10-14 days after placing your order.


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