PAIKKA Paw Protector Dog Shoes
PAIKKA Paw Protector Dog Shoes

PAIKKA Paw Protector Dog Shoes

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Stay safe in style!


Neoprene dog shoes with a soft yet durable sole. The sole material ensures elasticity, high strength, and resilience, with an operating temperature range as wide as -50 to 100 °C. Seams have been minimized in the design for the dog's comfort. The shoes are easy to dress, and the elastic Velcro ensures adjustability. The shoes come as a pair, packed in a mesh pouch for easy storage.

  • Made from durable neoprene

  • Provide a secure and custom fit for any adventure

  • The anatomic sole ensures excellent support and comfort, even on sharp terrains

  • Offers a reliable shield against extreme temperatures, from scorching hot pavement to icy cold ground
Why We Like It

PAIKKA is bringing the best Finnish-designed innovations to AKC! These Paw Protector Dog Shoes are the perfect essential to make sure your dog is stylish and safe outdoors.

Good For

Suitable for all dogs

  • Paw Sizes (diam.): XS (1 1/2"), S (1 3/4"), M (2"), L (2 1/2"), XL (2 3/4")
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