AKC TopDogs - Agility

AKC TopDogs - Agility

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An AKC Top Dogs report ranks the top dogs in Agility events and is based on the total number of points dogs have earned from either the Regular or Preferred Master Standard & Jumpers With Weaves classes. Dogs must have competed and qualified in Regular or Preferred Master Standard & Jumpers With Weaves classes to be eligible to be included on these reports.

When viewing the TopDogs Agility Report, you must first choose either the Regular or Preferred program report to rank dogs in the selected titling program. You may choose from the top 25, 50 or 100 dogs and you may sort the report by the dog's title, points, or double Q's. Select reports based on the dog's breed, group, all AKC-recognized breeds, or the dog's jump height. Since dogs are allowed to compete in the Regular classes at their required jump height or higher, when choosing the jump height report, the system will look at the last jump height a dog competed in and include the dog only in that jump height to calculate rankings.

AKC suggests that when pulling a current calendar year or previous calendar year report, that you base the sort order of the report on points and double Q's only, not titles. The reason for this is because a title can be earned at any time during the dog's lifetime and adding the title sort criteria to these reports will skew the data based on the title first then the points and double Q's. The lifetime report can be sorted by titles, points or double Q's.

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