Breeding Dogs To Win
Breeding Dogs To Win

Breeding Dogs To Win

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Dr. Carmelo (Carmen) Battaglia holds the Ph.D. and Master’s degree from Florida State University.  He is a breeder, author, researcher and lecturer.  He has worked at Emory University,

Florida State University, DeKalb College and the University of Tennessee Space Institute.  

He is approved to judge the Herding and Working groups, several Sporting breeds and the Chinese Shar Pei. His research about puppies, Early Neurological Stimulation, the Risks of Bloat and Juniors  have been published in several Veterinary Journals

Dr Battaglia is a well published author of many books and more than 70 articles which have appeared in: the AKC Gazette, Dog World, Canine Chronicle and  publications throughout: Canada,  Hungary, South Africa,  Australia,  Chile,  New Zealand and  Ireland.

He is a well-known breeder of German Shepherd Dogs and has owned Pembroke Corgi’s, Longhaired Dachshunds, English Springer’s and Portuguese Water dogs. He is a popular TV and radio guest and has appeared on Animal Planet several times. 

He is the Co-Chair of AKC’s Dog Detection Task Force, past chair of  the study group on vicious dog legislation in Georgia and a current Director of the American Kennel Club. He has served on several important committees including:   The National Genetics Committee, The Canine Health and Education Committee and AKC’s Committee for the Future.

This book is very readable and according to Ralph J. Graff, M.D. Director of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory Saint Louis University Medical Center, it avoids the heavy jargon of the scientist and has something to offer anyone interested in breeding better dogs. Battaglia’s breeding program sets the standard for those serious about producing a better and more healthy puppy.

Carmelo (Carmen )Louis Battaglia lives in Roswell Georgia where he continues to breed and do  research.

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