Choosing The Best Puppy (Extended Version)

Choosing The Best Puppy (Extended Version)

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Dr. Carmelo (Carmen) Battaglia is a well-known breeder and researcher.  His DVD on Choosing the Best Puppy is based on research which uncovers the mistakes most breeders make. The illustrations offered are known to help breeders use a  systematic method called “From the Bottom-Up”.

An added feature is a demonstration on how to use Early Neurological Stimulation with puppies between 3rd and 16th day of life. The five steps of early stimulation are easy to follow and have been used by hundreds of breeders worldwide.

Dr Battaglia is a well published author of many books and more than 70 articles. He is a popular TV and radio guest and has appeared on Animal Planet several times. 

Battaglia’s breeding program sets the standard for those serious about producing a better and healthier puppy. He lives in Roswell Georgia where he continues to breed and do research.

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