VIP Labrador Retriever Heart

VIP Labrador Retriever Heart

A glamorous accessory for dog lovers

$ 232.50

Additional Info

This is sold by Dazzling Paws Jewelry

This necklace is a glamorous accessory for any dog lover.. The handmade sterling silver necklace features a 'V" shape made of 23 Cubic Zirconia stones and houses a breed pendant.



  • Made from recycled sterling silver
  • Features 23 sparkling CZ stones
  • Made in the USA

Why We Like It

The handmade sterling silver necklace is a special way to show off your dog love. This company prides itself on its use of recycled materials, especially the sterling silver, which is 100% recycled.

Good For

Suitable for everyone


Materials: 100% recycled sterling silver, Cubic Zirconia

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