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Ball Lover's Pack
Ball Lover's Pack

Ball Lover's Pack

A fetch-worthy pack of goodies that comes in three sizes 

$ 23.99

*Toys are not suitable for heavy chewers. The colors of the toys may vary.

Why we like it

Dogs love variety and they'll get plenty of it with the Ball Lover's pack. It includes balls that bounce, that float, that squeak and even treat dispensing balls that can be used for interactive puzzle games. 

Suitable for

Suitable for most dogs, but not recommended for hard chewers. Always supervise your dog while playing with the toys and if anything comes loose remove the toy immediately. 


Take your ball play to the next level with this hand-selected pack. It contains four different balls each with a unique feature to give you the ability to change up the play and keep your dog engaged. The pack is available in three sizes.

The Ball Lover's Pack includes: 

  • USA Treat Ball - Whether it’s for light chewing or playing fetch, your dog will love this soft rubber treat dispensing ball.
  • LED Ball - Great for fetching and all around fun. It squeaks, floats, and lights up making it possible to continue the play after dusk.
  • Squeaking Bone Ball - It squeaks and bounces erratically making the chase extra fun! 
  • Ruffle Ball - Can either be used for a game of fetch or filled with treats for a puzzle challenge and to unwind when you both need a break from the active play.
  • Includes four different toys in one convenient cost saving pack
  • Fun and engaging shapes and materials 
  • Available in 3 different sizes

Small Ball Lover's Pack:

USA Treat Ball= 2.5"
LED Ball= 2.5"
Squeaking Bone Ball= 2.5"
Ruffle Ball = 3"

Medium Ball Lover's Pack:

USA Treat Ball= 3.5"
LED Ball= 3"
Squeaking Bone Ball= 3.5"
Ruffle Ball = 3"

Large Ball Lover's Pack:

USA Treat Ball= 4.5"
LED Ball= 3"
Squeaking Bone Ball= 4.5"
Ruffle Ball = 3"

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Ball Lover's Pack 7-10 days after placing your order.


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